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Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m not entirely stupid. Entirely. I saw this post on our class blog, and I have been wracking my brain all night to try and sort out how to use one of my existing blogs, but alas it just doesn’t make any sense to! I have taken this course in a very unconventional way, having done the precursor Networked Media  in 2011 as a part of the Media course, and now doing Integrated Media as part of the final year of Professional Communication. Alas, I no longer know how to work my Networked blog. It is out of date, and I honestly don’t remember what my password to log in is. I perhaps could have used my own personal blog, but I think it is important to keep that one for me, and my own secret life as a secret ninja spy.

So HERE WE ARE!! A shiny new blog, once again. I like to be subject-specific with my blogs. Perhaps it is a result of the “industrial-aligned” media world I am used to, that I like to segregate and label everything so perfectly, OR… maybe it is post-industrial in a way. My blogs are MESSY and SPREAD OUT and CONFUSED and ALL OVER THE PLACE… There is a chance I am getting the lecture from Monday confused with certain ideas in School of Rock regarding ‘sticking it to the man’.


It is possibly best to just move on and make it clear that this is my Integrated Media blog. Welcome.

I have no talent in filming, editing, or really any creative magical practical things, however I AM quite good at self-deprecation. And getting the job done when it is required of me! Also, the Internet is vast and interesting, I find. I look forward to exploring it more and more.


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