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Having read the set reading for this week, I wonder why it was chosen for us? And what does it have to do with what we are learning/doing/creating/pondering?

Honestly, I skimmed over the reading in half-interest, half-desire-to-put-it-down-and-go-outside-in-the-sun. Perhaps I didn’t ‘notice’ as much about noticing as I could have, had I not noticed my intense restlessness and want of movement. However I managed to be provoked to underline several concepts. Firstly, a paraphrase from Schon:

…reflective practice requires ‘living in’ and not mere occasional attendance.

And another intriguing statement:

Noticing itself is something that happens to us, not something we do deliberately… You can ‘decide’ to notice some thing or some feature, but it may or may not happen.

This especially resounded with me just moments ago as I was looking over my mum’s shoulder, helping her with an iPad game. I don’t know what it’s called, but it is sort of ‘Where’s Wally’ style in that there is a jumble of images and you must find certain objects within the picture. I am given the word ‘tractor’, and my eyes scan all the tiny images as I think ‘surely as soon as I look at the tractor I will notice it’. But alas… several minutes later I swear I have scanned the whole screen several times and not seen the tractor! Yet there it is, small yet there, obvious to me only when I truly notice it. And in this case I couldn’t control my noticing, it just happened when it happened!

One thing I noticed as I looked through my sketches from last week, and then proceeded to check out some other students’, was that I am more drawn to simple sketches. The first one I found was one by Jordan, simple yet effective. I love the fact that a story is told in that one “long shot” (10 seconds, lol). I felt embarrassed almost that my sketches were filmed on an SLR camera (just because it was there – I don’t really know how to use it), and I spent a few minutes editing on Final Cut Pro, yet here was a film of similar, if not BETTER, quality just shot at a desk in a few seconds. Hmm.

You will notice in my films this week I went a lot simpler. No editing whatsoever. No music added. Just raw ‘experience’, in only one take. I wanted to capture the true essence of what I really ‘like’ about these things, and how I see and experience the various colourful things. Hopefully in this way, you will notice what I noticed while filming.


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