Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Absence from Stephanie Iversen on Vimeo.

I recorded a sound clip on Easter Sunday of my family all sitting around the dining table. This loud happy clip contrasts with the empty table shown here. And I think the empty table on its own highlights the absence of people.
N’ertheless. Good Easter 🙂


In Between

Imbetween from Stephanie Iversen on Vimeo.

My boyfriend always teases me because I love to walk on lines, in between two surfaces, like between the road and the gutter. It’s a bit OCD of me, and I do it without realising usually. I like the contrast between the road and the concrete gutter here. You may notice the lovely song I’m singing, as the one they always used to do on Playschool about balancing elephants. BAHA!