How Do You Combat Cold?

For those of us not all that keen on venturing out into the cold this winter, it can be a bit of a depressing time of year. We work hard, and the last thing we want to do with our spare time is stroll in the icy Melbourne winds or even leave our warm comfy homes.

However, for us ‘winter hibernators’, there are other ways to enjoy the cool quiet winter season other than sitting in front of the TV sipping hot chocolate.

Why not wrap a woollen scarf around your neck and go see a movie with some friends? The Great Gatsby is top of the ‘must-see’ list at the moment, and enters cinemas this Friday!

Treating yourself to a warm beverage is another delightful winter favourite. Download the Bean Hunter app on your iPhone and visit a new café each week, on the hunt for that perfect latte.

To stay active, fit and relaxed even during the winter, a hot yoga class may be an interesting new thing to start. Bikram Yoga in Mornington runs classes from Monday – Sunday at different times in a 40°C room.

Then again, what better way to celebrate the winter season than by immersing yourself in beautiful warm natural mineral springs at Peninsula Hot Springs?

With over 20 hot springs available to the public as well as a wide variety of gorgeous treatments, there is sure to be something here to please a cold, tired, stressed mum, a footy player in training, or the whole family!

What do you like to do with yourself during the winter months?