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Example of Flash Mob

We were looking in class today at some flash mob movements that we liked, and I came across the T-Mobile Welcome Back campaign.

It’s absolutely amazing.


I am a sucker for the ones with singing and dancing 😉

It was difficult to find an example of a successful flash mob that had evidence of social media planning beforehand. After all, the point is for them to be a surprise to the public, and to leave a social media presence behind AFTER it takes place, not before.


In this case, it was obviously a company that organised it, so no, social media would not have been as prevalent in the planning process. However, I think it is important to note how the company planned the event to have a major social media repercussion. It is now on YouTube, and you can see within the video itself that people witnessing it were taking pictures and video to share on social media themselves. Not to mention, the thousands of Facebook statuses that would have followed…


I think this was a really clever move by the company, and an effective way to circulate themselves on social media.

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