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Week 4 Lecture: Kyla Brettle

Today we were lectured (hehe) by Kyla Brettle, on social media production and participatory projects. A question from her lecture that stood out was:

Who is the user and who the producer?

…particularly in relation to participatory media. The content is produced by viewers, and who would classically be labelled ‘the audience’, but they are no longer the audience are they? The lines become blurred here. I like how Kyla mentioned the words ‘produser’ and ‘prosumer’ to connect this – describing a new form of user-generation.

Describing her own participatory project My Tribe, Kyla presented the people who contributed not as “junkies packing peanuts” but informed, active users.

I liked her definition of what a participatory project is:

 a project that solicits and draws on user generated content/media for the purposes of creative storytelling and developing collaborative, socially engaged experiences and features.



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