Documenting our progress so far.

It was with bleary eyes on a Thursday morn that my Integrated Media group combined forces to create the concept for ‘Zen for Ten’ – our major assignment task. Perhaps we could have come up with a more exciting idea, however when no one really has any creative ideas so early in the morning, occasionally you just have to go ahead with what you’ve got!

And voilá!

We have our three major social media accounts set up thus far. The Facebook page will be where it’s all at: it will link out to the actual event page, as well as the Instagram and Twitter accounts. We will fill these pages with meditation advice, inspirational quotes, information about the event, as well as ‘reposts’ from some of the people we choose to follow.

Already we have a few followers in these accounts just from liking and following other users in the social media network. We haven’t even posted any content yet! That is the next stage, however, and will be largely how we attract the attention of people to encourage them to get involved.

Stay tuned for further updates on the development of Zen for Ten.