Can I get a restraining order against Facebook?

Yesterday I actually went to my Integrated Media lecture! And it was brilliant.

Alex Lambert (who I keep accidentally referring to as Adam Lambert) gave a lecture on social media, and in particular Facebook. It made me shiver and almost run out of the room screaming. Because you see, social media scares me. Or not so much social media itself – but how it is affecting our lives, and how I view the future if we keep going down this path of surrendering our lives to the Facebook Empire.

Me!!! I am!!

Me!!! I am!!

I’m saddened by the fact I didn’t get enough time to jot time Mr Lambert’s email address, because I would have immediately emailed him an important question if I had:

Are you scared?

Because I certainly am.

Stuck in this horrifying web

Stuck in this horrifying web

You see, when I started using social media as a preteen (using MSN messenger after school to chat with my friends and try and crack onto boys I liked) it was all about whining about our lives and trying to get attention. Everyone was equals, and our conversations seemed private and uninterrupted.

NOW, Facebook is a fully functioning marketing machine!! It is like a marketing robot of the future: a holographic presence that follows us about wherever we are, telling us to buy things and like things and look at things and tell other people to buy, like and look at things. It watches our every move, and it remembers…. Ultimate stalker. CAN I get a restraining order against Facebook, do you think? (something to consider)


Anecdote that proves the intense power of Facebook: a bunch of wedding ads pop up on my Facebook page (wedding dresses, rings, wedding locations etc.) and I start to think ‘oh, that dress looks nice. Having a wedding would be nice. Maybe I should get married?’ – I start to talk about it with my boyfriend, he starts to think about it… WE GET MARRIED! BECAUSE FACEBOOK ESSENTIALLY TOLD US TO! (Please note – this hasn’t actually happened yet. We aren’t married, however Facebook ads are literally trying to get us to.)


A part of me, super duper wants to flee from this control! To escape to the country, live off the land, and never have to deal with another selfie again. But sometimes I think maybe this is ‘normal’, maybe this is ‘okay’. Maybe I meant to live in this kind of world. Other people seem to be doing quite fine, and rarely think of it. Perhaps I am actually mentally ill, as this does indeed feel to me like some sort of massive conspiracy…

I’m a Twitter Machine

I’ve been given the role of Chief Tweeter in our group assignment. Why? I don’t even know!! I have barely used Twitter before. But I think I am getting there. It is so amazing to see people starting to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s like watching a baby take its first few steps 🙂

We currently have 8 followers on our twitter – and I we’ve had 26 likes on our Facebook page! I know that doesn’t seem like much right now, but as I’ve mentioned before TIME is so crucial with these things. It’s takes time to set it all up, develop a ‘voice’, and attract followers.

I’ve found a few Twitter Tips which I may start to employ as an overall strategy – did I mention I don’t use Twitter? :/ eek!

I’ve used some of these tips to spell out my own, pretty basic, Twitter Strategy:

– Post at LEAST once a day, but no more than 4
– Retweet about the same amount
– Use images
– Use less than 100 characters per tweet
– Use one or two hashtags per tweet
– Request retweets! (by spelling it out, or putting RT) – only where necessary

Well, here’s to hoping!