Experience informing practice etc.

We’ve watched this video in class today.

I suppose the idea of getting us to watch this video was to encourage us to write the report due in Week 13 in the style of a usual essay. It can become a bit confusing when writing for the web so much to revert to this academic style of writing. We become so used to writing in a casual, informal, personal manner, that using references and literature to support what we are saying becomes less important than giving a point of view and making it engaging and entertaining.

However, with this subject, it is also evident that there are huge differences in how you would go about it from a regular essay. Because it IS a report in an online format, there becomes an opportunity to link specifically to references and examples in practice. Rather than spending a paragraph explaining an example, it’s just BOOM – link to it, and there is everything you need to know.

Though in the video she warned us to stay away from ‘speculating’ and bringing our own ideas into discussion, we have also been encouraged to actually do this! Because this form of media and interactive documentary which we are studying is so new and emerging, we need to be able to speculate where it could be headed, and predict some probable and possible outcomes for our own work.

I just sort of wish my report could write itself >.<