Sketch Media, The Final Product: Nostalgia

Finally!!! After much stress and technical errors that – I’ll be honest – made me cry, here is the link to my completed Korsakow film:

I wanted to take the viewers of this Korsakow project on a journey. I wanted to show them ordinary life, and by doing this, also make them question their own existence, and where their own lives are headed.

Most of the constrained tasks I completed, I felt, fell under the theme of ‘nostalgia’. The filter used on my SLR camera on the weeks I used it creates a sort of mellow, brown, blurred effect. All my videos, even the ones I used an iPhone for, were filmed in my house and around the area I/my boyfriend lives. When I watch back over these videos I am reminded of childhood: of wandering the streets, going to the playground, noticing the tiny things around my house, and in general just having time to ‘play’. Of course when I was doing these tasks I was not ‘playing’, but stressing out and wanting to get them done, but watching back over them I realise that I could have slowed down and enjoyed it more.

I have used text throughout the project to continually pose questions, such as ‘what are we here for?’, and ‘where are you headed?’ – questions that act as rhetorical questions designed to make the viewer think, and associate feelings of nostalgia and rest with existential wonder. The idea, I suppose, is that they experience the playfulness of childhood along with the discovery that comes throughout life. There is even a sense that this is tied to the pressure of growing up – ‘where are we headed?’, ‘is there a plan?’. This, I found, was one of the most obvious ways to thread all of the videos together. Although difficult to predict the order of the clips, it is possible to keep a theme running throughout by never expecting answers to questions or requiring one text or clip to follow another. In this way it does not feel odd or jarred, but a natural flow of film clips.

In providing a ‘structure’ to my Korsakow film, I considered trying to link specific videos together to force a narrative out of it, however I much prefer the free-flowing structure I have ended up using. This ‘freedom’ in the ‘story’ I think adds to the theme of nostalgia, memories, and looking back as it indicates the freedom of childhood. Rather than using keywords, as this makes no difference to the viewer, I have simply linked all the clips using letters of the alphabet: a-w, as I have 22 clips in the sequence.

While perhaps not exactly what I was looking to create (largely due to technical difficulty – and living 2 hours away so not being able to quickly ‘pop into uni’ to upload a better version), I think my project is fairly successful. The aim of it is not tell a story, or to get answers, but to provoke questions while simultaneously reminding viewers of childhood, rest and an easier time. In this way the easy-going nature of the video clips contrast with the intensity of the questions posed.

In the process of completing each week’s constrained task, and learning to use Korsakow I was constantly wondering ‘what is the point of all this??’. The most important thing I have learned from the whole process I think, is that there doesn’t need to be a point. Is there a “point” to Korsakow? Not really. It is about experimenting and discovering, playing and seeing what happens. Somewhat magically, this is exactly what I was trying to convey in my Korsakow project. Perhaps subconsciously I was learning this as I was creating it.